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Wellbutrin relates to the family of antidepressants, but this drug isn’t only taken for the antidepressant property. The medication influences on the reduction of smoking. It enlarges the effects of dopamine and nor epinephrine to transmission of the impulses of nerves between neurons. These pills are used in smoking cessation and also in supporting the motivation of those who are really addicted to snuff.

Here we give some reasons to buy Wellbutrin online without prescription:

The risks of dependence with these pills are considered the lowest. If any behavioral problems happen in the curing, it may occur because the client does not know how to react to such problems. These are some irritabilities or strong disorders that sometimes happen with heavy smokers during the period of smoking cessation. If the medication is no longer advised for the usage, medical help is recommended.

Wellbutrin can be responsible for the blood pressure increase, especially when it is mixed with nicotine plaster. Checking of the blood pressure is done before Wellbutrin buying and of cause you should check your blood pressure while using the drug.  

This drug includes a substance that could course positive medication test. Moreover, if you should drive, make sure that the medication doesn’t impair the alertness. 

The safety of the medication hasn’t been established in women who are pregnant. The usage of Wellbutrin isn’t recommended during pregnancy period.

Like most of methods which are used to help those who smoke tobacco, the medication can be very effective only if the client want to quit this bad habit. A strong feeling of motivation should be present when you are starting the therapy. The motivation will help smoker, without any additional forces. The Smoker, who has this feeling, will probably quit smoking.  

There are several side effects of this medication, such as:

  • nausea;
  • dry mouth;
  • vomiting;
  • allergic reactions;
  • anxiety;
  • different kind of pains;
  • taste disturbances and some other. 


Wellbutrin is produced in several forms

  • Tablet, 24HR;
  • Tablet, 12HR;

Please, consult with your doctor or health care adviser if you want you purchase Wellbutrin without prescription.

Especially if you suffer from:

  • if you suffer from any allergic reaction;
  • if you have allergic reaction to food or preservatives;
  • if you are already pregnant or you are planning to have a baby, you are a nurse or you are going to be a nurse.

Wellbutrin could pass into milk and it will cause harm to a baby. Wellbutrin isn’t advised to take kids because of it’s toxically elements. Wellbutrin isn’t advised for elderly clients, because they could be more sensitive to the drug. It isn’t advised to use this drug together with other medication. This drug could react with other medications and lead to very serious troubles with the health.

Please, avoid usage of tobacco and alcohol. Its usage can reduce medicine’s effect.


Before purchasing Wellbutrin

You should consult with your health care adviser.

Some recommendations about the usage of the medication:

  • You’d better use the dosage recommended by your physician.
  • Don’t break, crack or even chew the tablets. They must be swallowed with a glass of liquid. It can be used before or after you have a meal and without meal.
  • We recommend you to take the tablets if you suffer from nausea.
  • Take Wellbutrin at a particular time every day.
  • Don’t use the drug in larger amounts and for the bigger period than is advised by your physician.
  • Don’t reduce or increase your ordinary dosage without contacting with the physician.

The effect of Wellbutrin differs for various clients. You could see an improvement after four weeks or in some cases longer of treatment. If you forget to use a dosage of the medication please skip one, and return to you ordinary dosage schedule. It is not advised to take two portions of the medication at a time, because this could cause harm to your health condition.

Where should you store the medication:

  • Please, store Wellbutrin far from children and pets;
  • Keep Wellbutrin at indoor temperature;
  • Don’t keep this medication in a wet place.

The drug is prescribed only for your individual usage. So, don’t share the medication with other people. The most appropriate place for medication storage is a locked cupboard.

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